EndlessForm是一个开创性的家具公司,以多样性和个性化著称 。由张周捷数字实验室创立于 2014 年,于 2018 年正式问世, EndlessForm立足于张周捷及其团队长达 8 年的数字艺术与设计的 经验,在众多概念化作品屡获殊荣之际,正式推出量产化数字家 具作品。EndlessForm聚焦于视野前卫、高端的用户,同时提供小 批量的手工定制服务,塑造并推动数字时代的新生活图景。

EndlessForm is a groundbreaking furniture company known for diversity and personalisation. Founded by Zhang Zhoujie Digital Lab in 2014 and formally launched in 2018, EndlessForm is based on Zhang Zhoujie and his team"s eight years of experience in digital art and design; the studio has officially launched a series of award- winning mass-produced digital furniture products. EndlessForm focuses on avant-garde, high-end clients while providing a small amount of hand-made customised services to shape and promote a new direction in the digital era.

MeshRare 是一家 Web3.0 的数字家具初创项目,致力于开创性地 解决数字资产与实体制造中的价值重构。资产内容由张周捷数字实 验室通过算法创作,并由 EndlessForm 数字家具公司进行生产和销 售。MeshRare 通过共创共赢的模式,制作出一系列高度个性化、 手工打造、限量收藏级的数字家具。

MeshRare is a Web3.0 digital furniture start-up project, dedicated to pioneering solutions to reconfiguring values in digital assets and furniture manufacturing.The asset content of MeshRare is designed through algorithms by Zhang Zhoujie Digital Lab, then materially produced and distributed by EndlessForm, a groundbreaking furniture brand known for diversity and individualization. Through a co-creation and win- win model, MeshRare creates highly customized, handcrafted, limited editions of digital furnitures.